Cork Shield

Natural cork coating in thin layer which guarantees ecological thermal-acoustic insulation in your house.

Cork Shield is a granulate mixture in fine texture of cork, water-based acrylic resins, organic polymers, mineral charges and special additives. Its composition make it a natural thermal insulation material, really useful for the final coating of both indoor and outdoor insulation coating; vipeq.therm.

It can also be used applied with a trowel to protect and regularize insulation materials in vipeq.therm systems with ICB cork insulating boards.

AppearancePaste-like product
Final textureSmooth final texture
Density20-70 Kg/m3
Granulometry0,2 – 0,6 mm
Fire resistance (UNE-EN 13501:2002)Bs2d0 y Broof (t1)

Cork Shield is available in different colours

Cork Shield thermal and acoustic insulation system is available in 16 colours. It can be also produced on demand in any RAL or NCS colours you wish. It provides a great deal of flexibility whenever planning building projects.


Cork Shield Features

Cork Shied has a wide range of physical-mechanical properties such as: low density, waterproofing condition, elasticity, and versatile insulation power (thermal, acoustic and vibratory).

Low conductivity

It acts as a thermal corrective product avoiding thermal bridges whenever applied to external singular elements, such as cornice, mouldings, arches, overhanging balconies and forging façades. Very low conductivity both for heat and sound or vibrations. Its heat-resistance is 30-fold compared to concrete. RVIPEQ F08 = 0,003 / 0,068 = 0, 0441 (m2·K·W-1). According to the Basic Document of Energy Saving (DB EH1 for its Spanish acronym) within the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE for its Spanish acronym).

Rain waterproof

Suberina and ceroids coating cork granules cells enable to preserve unaltered the insulating cork properties. Its resistance against humidity make this material age without deteriorating.